Newspaper opinion pages are designed to be timely, lively and informative. Editors are looking for authoritative views on important topics—but there’s a problem.

Most often, by the time an “expert” submits an op-ed, several news cycles have passed and the article’s urgency has greatly diminished.

But what if on the day a story broke, an op-ed was drafted by day’s end. The next day, it could be submitted to a newspaper and if accepted, printed on the third or fourth day.

That’s the UrgentOpEds rapid response strategy.  If you know a story is about to break and you want to influence the public conversation, or if you opened today’s newspaper and said, “I really ought to write an op-ed about this,” we can help.

William Klein, an experienced—and fast—op ed writer, can in most cases offer a same-day turnaround on op eds.  William is experienced writing for business clients, political candidates and committees, environmental and advocacy groups. He’ll work with you to capture your voice and your point of view, to ensure the op-ed is authentic and targeted to deliver your message.

Of course, we can work with you on articles that don’t need to be submitted right away as well.  We’ll help you find a topical news hook that will appeal to editors, engage readers and contribute to the most urgent public policy debates.

One more thing–Op-eds aren’t all we do.  There are lots of other ways to use the written word to advance your goals.  Blog posts, email blasts, news briefs, letters to the editor–if it involves the alphabet, we can help.